Important Self-storage Ideas that maximize Space Utilization while Reducing Cost

Self storage is an innovative concept of storing personal and business belongings in a safe and secure place. Virtually, self storage units are used to store a wide variety of items such as books, documents, business merchandise, televisions, bicycles and even cars and boats. They are convenient, cost effective and above all, they create some extra space which can be used for other purposes. Individuals who want to create more space at home or entrepreneurs in need of more office space should consider storing items at public self storage in Footscray. The most important aspects of a self storage unit are cost, size, safety and security. Some important storage tips to consider when using a self storage unit are discussed below.


Packing tips

It is imperative to pack items properly to avoid breakages and contamination. These are provided by the self storage facility. They come in standard shapes and sizes and are customized for holding different items. For example, public self storages at Footscray provide all types of packaging boxes specially suited to insert kitchenware, wine glasses, paintings, documents, sporting equipment and many more. The boxes are strong and well-cushioned to prevent breakages. The packaging kit also comes with a tape, cushion materials, cutter and markers.

When packing, combine with other packaging materials such as newspaper wrap, furniture covering, pallets, ropes and wrapping papers. Ensure that all items are tightly wrapped on the right boxes and well labeled. Labeling ensures that one can identify each item without opening the box and also helps the owner to keep a record for future reference. For electronic items, use their original boxes which have specially designed cushioning materials that prevents shock during transportation. Lastly, do not pack flammable and corrosive materials as these can damage all your items.

Moving boxes

After packaging, the boxes should be moved to the storage centre. To move items with minimal breakages, consider hiring a truck. Established and renowned storage facilities such as public self storage at Footscray and other suburbs provide trucks and this reduces the transportation burden. The items should be taken to a convenient and easily accessible location. Therefore, the facility should not be too far. Luckily, for residents living in Melbourne suburbs such as Laverton, Flemington, Ascot vale, Western Melbourne and North Melbourne can access public self-storage stores facilities within a very short distance.

Storage ideas

Proper storage not only guarantees that items use minimal space but also protect them. Ensure that you hire the right sized unit which fits your belongings. When the storage facility is on the ground floor, consider adding a vapor barrier, pallet or a carpet to minimize moisture effects. Also, one should ensure that items at the rear are accessible by providing a walkway. Items which are frequently removed should be stored in the front. Heavy non fragile items such as books should be kept on the lower boxes while the lighter ones come on top. The boxes should be stacked properly and to the right height to prevent the lower ones from collapsing. In addition, ensure that stacked containers have no bulging boxes which easily tip and fall.

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